The Recipe for Disaster to Avoid When Writing Your First eBook

Initiation of any project could be a toilsome task. And when it comes to something which needs absolute attention, time and a lot of creativity; it is important to know what your grounds are, what obstacles await you and when would you be prone to make unchangeable mistakes.

Writing an eBook for the first time could be a taxing job and that too when one is unaware of the market trends, what might and might not suit the readers, and what is your own forte. These questions and more of the fundamental nature can simply not be ignored if you are planning to make your eBook a true success in the beginning of your career.

Imagine a book penned by you topping the charts, did you chest swell with pride? It definitely will, and to achieve that level of gratification, unending nerve for hard work is required.

The Recipe for Disaster to Avoid When Writing Your First eBook

And since many of the first time eBooks go bad, rot without anyone noticing the stench; what has to be kept in mind is the disaster recipe which spoils the well cooked broth (eBook in your case).

1.You do not plan an outline

If there is one thing you should not hold your pen (or pc for that matter) before; it is structuring of an outline. Without a sound plan it becomes nearly impossible to come up with sound ideas pertaining to the main content of your eBook. You might be tossing one draft after another unless you settle for something which makes more sense to you than the other ones; however that isn’t essentially a good idea if it has no planning to support it.

2.You don’t know much about the topic

Nothing could be more detrimental to the success of your first eBook than the fact that you don’t know much about what you are writing. It is okay not to know much when writing your first eBook, but not alright to not do anything about it. Industry research is highly important if it is some new grounds you are planning to explore, but that as well it is better to have a profound understanding of the topic before you set on a journey to write your first eBook. You might have amazing diction skills but if you have not the slightest idea about the impact of gestational diabetes on the psychological development of child later in his life; you need to do your homework first.

Another reason apart from the very obvious one of abundant knowledge and information; is that, it gives you a kick with the right momentum right away if you are well equipped about the necessary information on the chosen topic. Having the ideas on your fingertips gives you an edge and a personality ton your eBook without much effort.

Editing while you write

It is time consuming and also breaks the tempo along with killing the entire mood and the passion of writing which is essential to write your eBook; editing while writing is a big no!

It is essential to have a critical eye on your own work when you are writing your first eBook but after you are done with the job and not in between. It is also important to continue with the flare while the ideas flood in so you don’t interrupt the process and waste the theme for the obsession of corrections. It6 is also important to let your eBook as well as your mind rest for some time before you set out on the journey to edit it and have a completely different perspective towards it.

Also, never edit in the same draft which is the first draft of your first eBook. This way you might be throwing away the raw information and emotions too in many cases and it is not a pleasant sight. Edit the copy of your original draft always and keep the first one tucked safely as you might be re moving significant chunks once you’re back with a fresh mind and a new take on the subject.

4.Missing out on the target market’s needs

If they are expecting hardcore physics, don’t waste your energy explaining the energies surrounding the universe. Not only the topic of your eBook has to be relevant t and in cohesion with the expectations of the readers you are trying to cater to; but also it has to make enough sense to sell. When you miss out completely on what the audience actually need, you are sure to drift away from the main theme and this ruins the entire appeal of the eBook.

The idea is to give answer to the question your prospective customer has in mind and is seeking an answer for. When you fail to excel at that task your entire effort goes down the drain. This part has to be taken care of when planning the outline of the book along with the study of the demography and cultural requirements of the target market especially if the topic is a sensitive one.

5.Concentrating all your energy on one book

There is no harm in pooling in all your efforts in writing your first eBook which turns out to be a masterpiece. But what if your focus on your first eBook leaves no room for further ideas? What if the impression it contains is that of the panacea and thus the next time you write an eBook (which you very much likely will do), it will fail to have any impact at all or a strong one. Apart from that, filling in all type of information in the first eBook may result in too many ideas and too little to grasp for it might turn overwhelming for the readers. Again, without an appropriate plan, this happens for sure that the writer is likely to toss in all what’s on his/her mind in the first eBook.

6.Not coming out of the writer cloak

When you want to write an eBook which is a success and you are doing so for the first time, you can’t solely think like a writer and consider the job done. Doing this, calls for damage on the writing style of your eBook which is to mark its position on the shelves and trigger customer response (a positive one). You need to have the approach of a marketer who is also planning to sell the eBook and subsequently the brand, which requires efforts focused on various dimensions of selling viewpoint too.

Staying in the confines of a cozy writer’s cloak might make you write an exceptional eBook in terms of ideas, but if the audience is unable to connect to the core of it, it does more damage than benefits your business.

Writing the introductory part first

Doing this breaks the cardinal rule of writing an eBook. Writing the introduction of your eBook before you have set foot on the path of writing the major part of the eBook is a definite disaster recipe. It not only kills the charm of it all (you will be filling in all your ideas at one platform, making it lose its appeal); but also dulls the context altogether. You might be bursting with ideas, and it is better to write them in plan but do not start with your introduction when you are writing your first eBook.

Along with writing what might not be necessary and dimming the attraction of the major part of your eBook, you will be adding too much to the introduction if you write it first which also makes it a part the readers are sure to skip mostly.

8.Not assigning time to the eBook

When you are writing your first eBook, you might be tempted to write with all your zeal which might also mean writing only when you feel like it. Not assigning an appropriate time to work on your first eBook in terms of hours each day, will result in the eBook taking longer than usual to complete.

Assigning a certain time of the day to your eBook will not only quicken the process but will also give you an edge the first time as you might be able to connect well to the previously written part and continue with the style only to move towards betterment each day. Leaving your eBook for longer periods of time, because you don’t feel like working on it dedicatedly, will result in too much time wasted and too little cohesion of each part with one another.

An essential tip to avoid a ruined structure of your eBook is to divide your total time of writing your eBook each day and incorporate healthy exercise and research in the break to catch on better ideas.

9.You think your editing is enough

The editing you do is not few steps ahead to proofreading, which you must be doing anyway when you write anything at all, and more important it gets when you are writing your first eBook. There is a definite need for an edit to review your copy so to save it from being a fail due to whatsoever reason.

The reason is simple; you have put in your part of information and your ideas and perspective in the book. And now is the time for a person with a different viewpoint to critically evaluate your piece of writing.

There is no way you know best or that you could be a jack of all trades, thus it becomes highly important to come up with ideas and fixes to avoid the deadly mistakes which contribute to the ultimate doom of your eBook.