Can You Make Money Selling EBooks

Yes you can! That’s the answer to your first question. But if you have constant questions popping up in your mind about how you can actually make money selling eBooks, you must continue reading this!

Can You Make Money Selling EBooks

Before you are ready to sell your eBook, you need to create one. And that’s where it all begins. For an eBook to do great and earn you money, you must create a compelling eBook that is easily saleable. Writing a good book starts with finding a hot topic or niche to write about. But this does not mean you pick up a topic you don’t have any expertise or interest in.

In order to create something unique, it is important that you are passionate about what you are writing. Having personal experiences that you share with your audience through your book is what helps you create a compelling eBook that sells and becomes popular amongst audience. Whether it is writing, digital art, music, science, or fishing – what topic you are choosing about your book does not really matter as far as you are offering your readers something interesting and unique to read. People out there might share that passion with you and value what you write.

You can easily make money selling eBooks if you are already blessed with an online space with lots of followers. You can market your eBook online once it is ready and publish it on various online marketplaces such as Amazon. However, you should never underestimate the importance of having your own website to market and sell your eBook.

Direct selling through website does not only help you make money selling eBook but always gives you great independence, control, and also helps you with building your engagement and authority with your audience. There’s not much difference between publishing your eBook and blogging since both can be really exciting and daunting at the same time. This is why this article will cover some of the best ways to help you create a compelling eBook that you can sell and make money.

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Your Tips to Creating an EBook That Sells!

Creating your own eBook is the most challenging part. However, once you pass this one successfully, you are more than halfway through towards your ultimate goal, i.e. make money selling eBooks.

The following are some important things you need to keep in mind:

Come up With a Topic That You Are Passionate About

It is easier to write unique stuff about things you love. You have your personal experiences or a personalized approach towards that topic that you can share with the world through your writing. You may not find that topic very commonly discussed out there but there is definitely going to be an audience out there who wants to learn about what you have to share. However, if you don’t want to limit your audience that way, then find a way out. The best way to do so is to pick up your niche of interest and do your homework on which topics have the most audience.

You need to work on a topic that your audience find of value. Now your job is to create an original edge by sharing things with people that they don’t already know about it. Your personal experiences and stories will engage them and create empathy with the reader.

Do your research before you set your mind on a topic. Your research should not ignore the competitors and how well they are doing in the market. Having these important figures and stats in hand will help you come up with an interesting topic.

The Title Should be a Killer!

Don’t take this lightly. Your title gives your reader the reason to pick up your book. If you don’t work here, you might lose a lot of readers at the first glance.

“How to Make Money Through Your Blog” is the boring way to say “How My Blog Earned me $10,000 in 5 months!”

If you want your sales to take off the moment you publish your book, create a killer title that grabs your readers’ attention at the first glance.

The Writing Part

Simple and clear writing is the best way to share your knowledge. Do not complicate things. In fact, make it creative to keep it engaging – unless, of course you are writing a non-fiction book on some scientific research. But assuming you are covering a fun topic – like weight loss (one of the most selling topic on Amazon and other platforms) – your unique and edgy approach is what will matter the most here.

You need to have the right inspiration to get stated. If you want to make money selling eBooks, this could be your inspiration. If you are aiming to reach likeminded people by sharing your knowledge on a particular topic they might also be interested in, then that could be your inspiration. Regardless of what your driving force is, you need to take it to your head to help you get started.

Once you start penning it down, the same driving force will help you continue until it is complete. To make it work more efficiently, set deadlines for yourself. Divide your book in multiple chapters and focus on one chapter at a time. This will keep you going and will help you wrap it up in time.

Use Images

Formatting your eBook is important and images are the most important part. In addition to the content, the way your book appears can also attract the reader and make it interesting. If you do not pay attention to the right formatting, you might lose customers.

If you are ready to put in some work here, go ahead and do it. On the other hand, you can even outsource this part and let professionals do the designing. If you are creative, we’d recommend you do this yourself to give a more personalized touch to your book.

When using images, always stick to high quality images only! Readers are not impressed if the quality if your pictures is bad. Also, don’t go overboard with pictures or formatting. Keep it simple and relevant.

Don’t Forget to Read Through Your Book

When it is time to proofread your book, it is best to become your own customer. Read it like your audience would and look at it critically. That’s the only way you can point out mistakes or edits in your book. If this is not possible for you, ask someone to proofread it for you – a friend, relative or colleague you can share it with before publishing it.

Take criticism positively and make relevant changes before you finalize the content of your book.

Get a Cover Design to Sell

Just like the title, the cover will also help you sell the book. How many times have you just ignored a book because it had a bad or very unattractive cover page? Most of us do that and it is only natural. If the cover is not able to entice us, we begin to doubt the content inside that book. While they say never judge a book by its cover, but can we really help?

So work on that aspect. Get it done by a professional by explaining to him/her what you have in your mind. Do not settle until you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Since cover really makes a lot of difference, it is only fair to look at this one in depth. You might want to check out your competitors’ books to check some ideas for cover. The following are some elements you must never ignore when designing a saleable cover:

  • The title of your book should be in a contrasting color with the background. This will help the ext stand out and read clear.
  • Use easily readable and large fond for the title and subtitle. Go creative but don’t go overboard.
  • Use artwork or images if required. It is ideal to stick to 300 dpi for the images for your cover.
  • Steer clear of copyright claims. Do not use any content or images that you are not permitted to use.
  • Stick to using good and high quality pictures only. This also applies for the cover. You want to attract your customers and that’s not possible with a cheap standard picture.

Converting and Uploading Your Book

Consider as many platforms as possible to publish your book. However, start with your own website. You might want to market your book before it is ready to be published on your website. This will excite your current audience and will keep them anticipating until the published date.

Offering your book on your own website comes with a number of benefits. First, you don’t incur additional cost because it’s your own page and you are offering more content to your customers in the form of an eBook. In fact, that’s the first place you should put it up. You might want to give out the first few copies for free and then put up a price tag. Let your first few customers do the rest of the marketing for you. The word of mouth will help you get more customers willing to buy your book – the key is to write a book that the readers can’t stop talking about.

Convert your eBook into multiple formats to upload it on different platforms. The more the platforms you publish your book, the more possibilities to make money selling eBooks. For Amazon Kindle, use Mobi format. For other readers, the Epub format works well with Barnes & Noble.

For further direct selling options, consider publishing it on Kobo and iBookstore as well.

Marketing Your eBook to Make Money Online

This is where the money starts flowing in. The way you spread a word about your book and how well you are able to attract your customers can create all the difference in the world to how much money you can make selling eBooks.

This is the final stage before you start counting the dollars. Your book is out and you want to tell the world about it. In addition to your website, you have various social media platforms to help you with it. One great way to achieve great sales is to do multiple guest posts for websites where you have your audience. You are not doing this to create SEO links but to create the hype and generate interest.

Marketing Your eBook

You do not have to talk about your eBook directly but a subject that indirectly associates with your eBook. Your main objective here is to get interested people check out your website and consider buying your eBook. You can offer them to read the first few pages – like Amazon – before they decide to buy your book. Therefore, make sure your book is persuasive enough in the first few pages of your book to get your leads become your customers after buying your eBook.

Using Influencers

You might want to offer some copies of your eBook to bloggers in your niche. This would work out perfect if you already have contacts. Otherwise, you might want to request them to read the book and share about it if they find it interesting enough. Do not force people or bombard them with requests to write you a positive review for a return favour. You might not earn real readers for your book this way.

Using Social Media

Go ahead and post about your book on your social media. If you are using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media, everyone following you should know that you have a book. Brag about it, do multiple posts about it, keep bringing it up on every event possible and don’t let people forget about it – ever!

Wrap Up!

Creating an eBook requires both time and effort. But it is one of the best ways to generate income by making money selling eBooks, especially by sharing your expertise and passion with your audience. It is an ideal way to boost your passive income. And once you have a successful experience with your first book, you can always give it another shot!

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