Making Money Reselling E-Books – How To Do It?

A large number of uninformed people believe that reselling eBooks to make profits isn’t profitable. We beg to differ.

With everything else, the strategies to reselling eBooks have evolved as well.


Reselling an eBook is not different from the traditional practice where publishers take on the works of a writer, help sell and resell it to eventually take a cut from the revenue. Having said that, it is quite clear that you can make money by reselling eBooks legally, and the right way!

You Don’t Need Any Capital Investment

An eBook reseller business requires no investment at all. Your business can be setup and operated entirely from home. This means that any small amounts of money you willingly put in would be for website designing and any other registration fee across different websites. In fact, you can also save on this by taking over the process of marketing yourself.

A Flexible Business Model You Can Tweak According To Your Needs

When you setup an eBook reselling business, you have complete freedom in terms of when you want to work. The nature of the process means that you would only be answerable to yourself and can bring in any sort of selling techniques you want. Ultimately, the reseller model becomes self-reliant and you don’t need to look after it all (apart from when you need to withdraw money).


No Storage Space Or Delivery Services Needed

Another factor that makes reselling eBooks lucrative is the fact that you don’t need to set up a physical space to store books. You don’t need to partner and share profits with a delivery service either. You can simply have a storage module working for your website.

E-books are purely digital products that can be downloaded with a few simple clicks. You can avoid all delivery and distribution costs. Ultimately, you are functioning with zero overheads, and only profits.

Set Up A Digital Storefront

Any business planning to resell something should have a creatively designed storefront. Even though you can go with a simple website or landing page to resell an eBook, if you plan to resell several eBooks down the line, setting up a simple store is a good idea. You can find plenty of free and paid software option for this purpose.

Similarly, reselling eBooks also involves selling through third part websites like Amazon and eBay. Make sure that you adopt a 360-degree approach like you would with any other business plan and marketing strategy to start raking in profits.

As people continue to switch to online alternatives instead of shopping at physical stores, they are also leaning towards eBooks rather than conventional books. The reasons are clear – they are simple, easier to carry and far less expensive. Customers can read them on the go and also share them within their social networks.

Ready to start? Planning to write your own eBook? Get in touch with us and learn more about how we can help you write eBooks and make money be reselling them!