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Self publishing can put a lot of strain on writers. Poor editing is one of the biggest fears of self-published authors and we are here to put it to rest once and for all!

Call on us to correct and polish your manuscript so readers can enjoy your writing without any distractions. Editing your own work can be next to impossible for writers. Hiring eBook copy editors is the best investment you can make for a lucrative writing career.

Our all-star team of eBook editors goes through your entire eBook, word by word, addressing the grammar, spelling and uniformity issues they encounter. And that’s not all. The eBook editing service also includes:

  • A thorough check for typographical, spelling and consistency errors.
  • Amendment of grammatical and linguistic issues,
  • Methodical attention to punctuation marks such as commas, semicolons etc.
  • Rectification of awkward sentence constructions and suggestions to make sentences crisper and tighter.
  • Fixing redundancy and wordiness of the eBook without rewriting extensively.
  • Review of vocabulary, structure, characterization and style of writing.
  • A comprehensive review to ensure precise and consistent usage of the English language.

You Need An Error-Free Book; We Make It Happen Quickly And Affordably!

Are you tired of reading and re-reading your manuscript? Spot a new issue with every self-edit?

Relax and leave it to us. Our professional eBook copy editing service will give your book a thorough edit and offer you a final, edited, high-quality e-book that can go to publishing as it is! Our experienced eBook editors have worked with some of the bestselling authors and are proficient in a range of genres including sports, religion, children’s books, biographies, sci-fi, fantasy, romance and a lot more!

Give us a call at 1-855-333-4999 to engage our eBook editing services.

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