Make Money By Writing An E-Book


Whether you are writing your first eBook or are a seasoned fictional writer planning to go digital, you can make a considerable amount of money online. With the growing popularity of Kindle and a wide variety of eBook apps for smartphones and tablets, you might even come across hot debates on topics like ‘which is the best eReader app?’

This rapidly growing digital segment has opened doors to a diverse array of opportunities for eBook writers looking forward to getting their books published.

If you are planning to make money by writing an eBook, here is a simple guide to help you out:

Starting The eBook

Even though the process of publishing may be much simpler online, writing an eBook is not a piece of cake. A really small number of writers are able to reel in success with their first eBooks, largely because they are still getting a grip of it.

Before you begin, spend time and effort into deciding what you really want the eBook to be about. What niche are you writing for? What genre are you going for?

As with all other types of writing, it is a good idea to start with reading other people’s eBooks. Consider checking out the top 10 selling eBooks and read the ones that are closely related to your domain. Moreover, you will notice that most top selling eBooks are relatively shorter, allowing readers to go through them while on the go.

Once you are done, it is a good idea to pay a professional editor to vet your writing before moving forward with publishing. When you are truly happy with the content, it is time to give your eBook a face.

The Cover Matters

As most of the content viewed and bought online is due to its face value, you need to invest time and effort into designing the right cover. Your eBook will be displayed with a thumbnail of the cover and that is the first thing viewers will see.

Use an image that tells viewers what your book is all about, at the first glance. If you are good at photography, capture an image for the cover. Most eBook writers go for professional designers for truly compelling cover designs.

Uploading It

There are a number of different online stores to upload your eBooks, starting with Amazon. Start off by writing a compelling description. This is your shot at marketing your work, so go for something that keeps the suspense alive, while giving away a little. You can even include the first few paragraphs of the eBook.

You can also distribute your eBook across leading platforms like Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore and Sony Reader Store.


The Pricing

Although you may be looking to make huge profits off your eBook, understand that it is going to happen over time. Start by pricing your eBook lower. The more affordable it is, the higher the chances of it selling.

Brand It Right

One of the easiest ways to set up your eBook for success is by creating a landing page. You can use this page to brand your eBook and give it a voice.

Discuss details, what it’s all about, and include call-to-actions to promote conversions. Also consider creating a buzz around your eBook across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for best results.

So you have come up with the perfect eBook, the right design and publishing platforms, when do you start making money?

That largely depends on how well you have executed each part of the process. If people like it, they are naturally going to share your work with others and boost sales further.

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