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Get your book written, proofread, designed, published and distributed from a single source! GhosteBookWriters offers you the opportunity to get your book published in paperback or hardcover – minus the hassle!

Whether it is a recipe book, fiction novel, DIYs, detailed guides or how-to books that you want, turn to our professional and highly experienced writers who have mastered the art of writing with a creative humorous flair to engage your audience.

So whichever writing style you prefer; humorous, sarcastic, formal or academic, just share your vision with us and we will deliver your book complete with interactive design and covers.

Whether you are an individual author seeking to make your mark in literary circles, or represent a company interested in purchasing the best book writing and publishing services, GhosteBookWriters has what it takes to direct your project towards success.

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Our professional and highly experienced team of writers comes from diverse backgrounds ranging from business, communication, and arts to qualified engineers, CPAs and doctors. But they all have one thing in common – their love and passion for writing.


Any writing project is a total failure without competent editing. Our editors have years of experience of writing to back their skills for detecting the tiniest of flaws and improving the overall quality of writing to enhance your readers’ experience.


Even the best products don’t sell without attractive packaging. Good designs and book covers render a unique and attractive personality to your book, playing their own role in making the buyer choose your book from the shelves. Sadly, the adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t ring true for books anymore.

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Get your book registered internationally, because we take care of the tedious process on your behalf. Just let us know and we will get an ISBN registered for you straight away.


Whether you want a few or a hundred, or more copies of your book, for GhosteBookWriters nothing is too much of a hassle. You can choose to print your book in paperback or hardcover, and we will deliver it to your doorstep if that’s what you need.

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Your Ghostwriting Needs Taken Care Of – All Under One Roof

Dream of becoming a proclaimed author?

You don’t have to be a literary genius or an academic to be in the industry spotlight!

What you do need is original and creative ideas, language, and writing style that speaks to the reader, and structured content without any linguistic imperfections.

And this is exactly what GhosteBookWriters promises its customers through our diverse services.

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