5 Ways To Generate Revenue From E-Books

Earning revenue with eBooks

Whether you have a fiction manuscript completed since you graduated college or have professional eBook writers summing up a how-to guide, having an eBook out there with your name on it that earns you a little money on the side is the ultimate dream.

What aspiring writer wouldn’t like to have a project that labels them as a legitimate published author with work that earns them money?

Well, with the marvels of technology and the internet on our side, this dream has become an approachable reality for many. By choosing the right self-publishing platform and smart marketing strategies, eBook writers can turn their masterpiece into a revenue-generating project.

If this is the first time you’re venturing into the world of self-publishing and need some help setting up clear pathways to generate secondary income through your eBooks, here are 5 tips that may prove helpful.

#1 - Sell it through Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing) or Apple iBook Store

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to publish your PDF ePub eBook across global Kindle stores. You can register for free and choose one of the two royalty options (70% or 35%) which have different requirements. Explore the various options here.

If you are looking forward to affiliating your eBook with perhaps one of the most authoritative digital stores, go for Apple iBookstore. You can register for free and keep 70% of all revenue from each sale. The store will accept the book you’ve written in both PDFs and ePub formats. It may be a bit difficult to get approvals due to Apple iBookstore’s strict submission guidelines; however, the platform has a wide market that you should explore.

#2 - eBook Aggregators

E-book aggregators make the job of generating revenue from your eBooks much easier. They automatically submit your eBooks to multiple websites and retailers like Google Books. They charge a small commission or fee. Consider checking out eBook aggregators like BookTango and Smashwords.

This way, you won’t have to register and figure out the details of various self-publishing platforms. With an eBook aggregator, your book can go from a professional proofreader’s computer to your account for readers to find.


#3 - Crowdsource

With your book out there on various self-publishing websites, the right marketing tactic will help your case for revenue generation. You can use websites like Kickstarter and Patreon can be effective for getting people excited and engaged.

Showcase your eBook while it’s still with an eBook editor to get reviews on snippets, ask questions, share cover ideas, etc. You can even use these platforms to present and get ideas for potential sequels. When the audience is engaged and feel like they played a part in the creation of the final product, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase.

#4 - Guest Blog for Exposure

While considered a grassroots method, guest blogging can be quite effective in providing you with exposure to a wider audience. You can blog about the eBook or related topics to get people interested.

Find guest blogging websites and directories within your niche with fairly large subscriber numbers and approach them for potential posting opportunities. Make sure you don’t make the blog “salesy”. Focus on the topic and slight mentions of the eBook with a subtle promotion towards the end may be effective.

#5 - Host the eBook Yourself

Perhaps the best way to make the most revenue from your eBook is by hosting it on your own website or blog.

Create a compelling landing page that is designed solely for the eBook and link your social media profiles and blog to this page. If you have a network of warm leads, you can also add the link to your eBook’s landing page in your email signature.

This gives you complete flexibility over how you market your eBook. You also get to keep all of the profits. Once you have sizeable numbers in the form of online traffic and a good digital reputation, you will be able to generate a steady revenue stream.

In addition, you can offer the eBook as a freebie in exchange for subscribing to monthly email newsletter program or contact information.

Generating money from eBooks is more about creating a steady stream of revenues rather than a one-time sale. Start out strong with a professionally written and edited eBook and then follow the tips above to start earning some money from your hard work.

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