5 Ways To Generate Revenue From E-Books


E-books are a rapidly growing trend on the web. Opening up a fresh Word document and starting on your very own eBook has, in fact, become easier than you think. Even though you may have your own ideas, some of the common ones (and the ones that make the most money) range from guides, to stories and biographies. It is not really a matter of concern what your eBook will be about; what matters is how you promote it and generate revenue from it.

To turn your eBook into a revenue generation machine, it is a good idea to put it up for sale across a variety of channels. If you have your eBook ready, here are 5 ways to start making some money off it:

#1 - Sell it through Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing)

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to publish your PDF ePub eBook across global Kindle stores. You can register for free and choose one of the two royalty options (70% or 35%) which have different requirements. Explore the various options here.

#2 - Apple iBookstore

If you are looking forward to affiliate your eBook with perhaps one of the most authoritative digital store, go for Apple iBookstore. You can register for free and keep 70% of all revenue from each sale. The store accepts PDFs and ePubs. It may be a bit difficult to get approvals due to Apple iBookstore’s strict submission guidelines; however, the platform has a wide market that you should explore.

#3 - Sell through major app stores

Particularly if you plan to create interactive eBooks that also offer custom functionality, it would be a good idea to sell through major app stores in the form of an application. You can easily find apps that turn your PDF eBooks into complete, downloadable applications. The best part about selling through app stores is that they have a large audience. This means more exposure for you. Moreover, customers trust these platforms.

#4-eBook Aggregators

E-book aggregators make the job of generating revenue from your eBooks much easier. They automatically submit your eBooks to multiple websites and retailers like Google Books. They charge a small commission or fee. Consider checking out eBook aggregators like BookTango and Smashwords.


#5-Host your own eBook

Perhaps the best way to make the most revenue from your eBook is by hosting it on your own website or blog.

Create a compelling landing page that is designed solely for the eBook and link your social media profiles and blog to this page. This gives you complete flexibility over how you market your eBook. You also get to keep all of the profits. Once you have sizeable numbers in the form of online traffic and a good digital reputation, you will be able to generate a steady revenue stream.

Generating money from eBooks is more about creating a steady stream of revenues rather than a onetime sale.

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