8 Compelling Ways to Promote Your eBook

The Recipe for Disaster to Avoid When Writing Your First eBook

Today, eBook promotion is becoming a complex task. Securing the attention of the prospective customers is daunting. While you do deserve to be congratulated on completing and publishing your eBook, your task is not accomplished until it has been downloaded by the targeted audience. Investing time in long-term planning for marketing and promoting your eBook will magically reap profitable results. So if you want to reach out to the masses here are some of the ways to promote your eBook effectively:

Devise a Marketing Strategy

Before you come to the marketing phase, it is essential that you have a well-crafted strategy in mind about all the possible ways to promote your eBook. This means that you should already have a functioning website along with active social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even YouTube. A solid digital marketing strategy requires an initial investment so that you can reap benefits later on. Take time each day to interact with the prospective customers on your chosen social media platform. This is the best way to identify the targeted audience and to engage with them. You will also need to be patient as not every other strategy will facilitate sales. However, big or small, having a compelling marking strategy will create an impact.

Design a Captivating Book Cover

If you are looking for ways to promote you eBook, you cannot simply deny the importance of an appealing cover for eBook promotion. Before publishing the book designing a captivating book cover will facilitate the marketing strategies. The success of the eBook is largely dependent upon the cover. Previously, eBooks had no covers or just plain cover having just the title. However, nowadays, retailers mostly do not accept such eBooks. But you must remember that eBook covers differ from their hardcopy counterparts. Be vigilant about the following details when you are designing eBook if you want your promotion tactics to work:

  • Keep the resolutions accurate for various screen technologies like Kindle, Apple and Amazon
  • Make sure that the file size is acceptable
  • Have a professional-looking appealing background color
  • Add great quality images that sync in with the background
  • Wisely located the titles and the subtitles of your eBooks

Build a Hype on Social Media

The Recipe for Disaster to Avoid When Writing Your First eBook

Social media networks provide you with the greatest ways to promote your eBook. Social networks are best for direct outreach. Therefore, it is quite understandable that people use these networks to target the prospective leads. Create buzz on the social media by creating teasers. Make use of eBook snippets to create hype on social networks. Post images from the book, interesting statistics or publish arousing content along with the book cover that would make the readers curious for the entire version. Post the content with appropriate hashtags. Here are some of the best social media platforms that you may use for your eBook promotion:


The feature of pinned tweets is not really popular but it is one of the most effective ways to promote your eBook. When you pin a tweet to your feed, it is the first tweet that the viewers notice. The pinned tweets are free of cost. Apart from pinning tweets, you may also post other tweets (perhaps an interesting quote from the eBook) along with the link to the landing page.


Create a separate Facebook page exclusively for the eBook. Facebook is an ideal tool for eBook promotion. So, if you are looking for compelling ways to promote your eBook, Facebook should not be overlooked at all. The Facebook Ads are perfect for displaying your eBook at the sidebar and newsfeed of the prospective customers. Based on the number of people you want your eBook exposed, you can allocate the budget that you can spare.

The Facebook ads are affordable and the great thing is that you have the option of selecting your target audience. This ensures that you spend your budget wisely. Facebook also shows you the estimated reach of the advertisement. You need to watch out for it in order to make a greater impact.

However, you need to seize the attention of the customers. This is where the good quality appealing cover design comes into play. If your eBook cover is good enough that it dazzles people into staring and clicking the advertisement, it is highly likely that they will make a purchase. The book image is essential for captivating the viewers whilst the title is important for increasing the click through rates.


Authors can also make use of Pinterest for eBook promotion. People who use Pinterest are "buyers". So what should you do to encourage these buyers to buy your eBook? Pinterest can be used to divert the online traffic to your website.

  • Set up a business profile on Pinterest with your own name for authenticity and building trust
  • Add an appealing introduction in the "About" section and hashtag you favorite keywords and link your Facebook and Twitter
  • Post the URL of your author website
  • Add a Pin It button to the browser and to your author website
  • Allow people to follow you on Pinterest
  • Interact with the audience through the board you create, making sure that the items you pin are noteworthy
  • Pin the content that inspires you or depicts your values


It is a social network dedicated entirely to readers and authors. Having more than 20 million members, Goodreads is a great place for your eBook promotion. The best part about this website is that the members are always excited about picking up the next book lined up for reading. Here is how you can promote your eBook on Goodreads:

  • Setting up an author page is the first step.
  • Then, you will have to discover a list that best fits the category of your eBook and add your book to that list.
  • The powerful advertising program enables you to target those readers who have rated several authors highly and all the people who have rated your books in the past
  • The advertisement campaign is not free, however, it is cheap
  • You can also link your blog with Goodreads through which your blogs will be sent to your fans automatically

Create a Short Video

Video are a surefire way to gain attention. Ardent book readers are always interested to know the mastermind behind a great story. Making a short video describing the book and the ways it can help people out and uploading it on YouTube will work as a perfect marketing tool. Sharing the video on your YouTube channel can also facilitate you in sharing it on other social networking websites. You may post the link on Facebook, Twitter and other such websites with teaser content.

Write Blogs

Blogging is also an effective way to promote your eBook. This is because it will increase the traffic to your website. Blogging will make the users satisfied - they will know that you are an expert in your field. Since your blogs are free, they will be grateful to you for sharing information. Through the blogs, you can make people feel secure about buying your eBook. You can link the blog to the eBook download link as well as to the testimonials and comments section where other readers who have read your eBook have posted reviews.

Develop eBook Click Popup

The Recipe for Disaster to Avoid When Writing Your First eBook

Click popup is one of the great ways to promote your eBook. The click popup gets activated when a webpage browser clicks on the specific link, image or a particular word. You can easily convert prospective leads without compelling the website visitors to go to another landing page. This means that the browsers just have to click on the eye-catching Call to Action (CTA) button or link present at the side or bottom of your webpage and the popup to the eBook appears almost instantly. The title of the eBook should be clear on the popup and there should be a precise blurb that describes what the eBook is about and what makes it useful to the potential customers. Adding captivating graphics will also grab the attention of the leads, making the CTA banner more visible. Here are two of the most common reasons why click popup is useful in eBook promotion:

  • Captivating colored CTA buttons and banners are unavoidable
  • The popup has both the title and the benefits explained in few effective words


You may also want to consider free giveaways or organize lucky draws. Believe it or not, nothing attracts customers more than freebies! Giveaways are one of the most compelling ways to promote your eBook. Think up of a creative quiz or any other competition which would excite the readers to participate. You may want to release a free excerpt from the eBook. Make sure that the content you release has value and it is good enough to make the readers curious enough to download your book. The free content will work wonders for the eBook promotion.

Guest Contributions

Amongst other ways to promote your eBook, guest contributions to other "influencer" blogs are quite unpopular. Most people fail to recognize is that guest contributions are quite effective for lead generation and boosting sales. By being a guest poster, you will be able to spread your name across the internet. Look for other websites and blogs that share the same interests as yours and get involved with all such high-profile websites. To promote your eBook, select a topic for the blog that is also discussed in your book. Subtly mention the eBook in the middle of the blog or bring it into perspective by suggesting in the conclusion that the readers can read more about the topic from your eBook. People who are interested in reading the blog in the first place are the ideal audience for the eBook. They are the ones who will eventually be glad to click the landing page link. You may also incorporate the link to your eBook in the author bio. You may use the same bio when you are making guest contributions.

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