Ensure an Error Free Final Draft with Our eBook Proofreading Services

Self-publishing can be challenging. One small mistake with the spelling or grammar can tarnish your reputation as an author. We can help correct the spelling errors and other inconsistencies to give you a final product that will attract readers because it’s a well-written eBook that is worth their money!

Our professional e-Book proofreaders spot and correct any errors that you, as the author, may fail to notice. We’ll polish your eBook, so it can become a bestseller. However, the edits will mainly include glaring inconsistencies in grammar, spelling and punctuation as our proofreaders will steer clear of stylistic edits. Our proofreading service includes:

  • Meticulously spotting spelling mistakes and grammatical, typographical, and other linguistic errors
  • Correcting the spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues found in your eBook
  • Fixing faulty sentence structure and language usage
  • Ensuring commonly known facts are stated correctly

We’ll spot and correct all those glaring inconsistencies and errors you can’t notice because you’ve read it all way too many times!

Fast & Affordable Proofreading Services for Your Complete Peace of Mind!

When you need an experienced pair of eyes to give your eBook manuscript an once-over, call on us. We’ll make sure your eBook is pure, unadulterated reading pleasure without any of the annoying and very distracting typos and errors that can drive readers away.

We can send you the final, proofread version with track changes on to clearly mark the changes we made. This will enable you to easily review the edits and choose which changes to keep in your eBook.

Our e-Book proofreaders have the experience and expertise of working with a wide range of genres, providing reliable eBook proofreading services for both fiction and non-fiction eBooks. Give us a call at 1-855-333-4999 to engage our eBook proofreading services.

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