E-Books Help Generate Leads

A large number of small to medium sized businesses still face difficulty in developing credibility for their brands and eventually face setbacks when it comes to lead generation and keeping the sales funnel operational


With the rapid integration of the internet and social media platforms, technology has entirely evolved, also changing business tools traditionally used to close sales and generate qualified leads.

The Content Marketing Institute calls eBooks a ‘white paper on steroids’. It is a highly informative report that is visually appealing and offers complex information in a reader friendly format. The body is not linear; it is rather chunky to allow for scanning and skimming.

With statistical data backing up the fact that making information visually appealing through colors and images plays a key role in helping boost sales and generate leads, many business owners are now beginning to realize the importance of eBooks.

How Do eBooks Generate Leads?

Especially when it comes to B2B sales, where reps are constantly trying to reach out to audiences to grow their pool of qualified leads, trust is the most important psychological factor involved here.

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to boost lead generation is to expand your organization’s trustworthiness. You are aware of the three stages of the buying process:

Awareness > Consideration > Decision

Creatively designed eBooks make their way through the ‘consideration’ and ‘decision’ stages, showcasing useful information about your products and services, ultimately boosting credibility and trust.

eBooks Are Educational In Nature

Whether it is an eBook about gardening or cooking, all of them are educational in nature. They offer researched logic, evidence, and raise inquisitive questions without actually pushing a product in their faces. This way, you also shape your perception as a thought leader and industry expert.

eBooks Aren’t Sales Brochures

Even the last page of your eBook is a simple ‘About the company’ section. It provides enough information for prospects to reach out to you. There is no hardcore selling involved. An eBook never looks like a sales pitch.


eBooks Help Prospects Sample Your Expertise

Let’s say you are providing consultancy services. It is only natural for clients to be skeptical unless they get an indication of the quality of the services you offer.

Publishing an eBook gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise in the best way possible, offering value to prospects.

eBook Lead Generation Capabilities Are Measurable

Another important way how eBooks help generate leads, is through their ability to offer measurable insight. Whatever eBook you publish, you are bound to include links that actually lead to conversions (on landing pages).

You can even track metrics that indicate the number of times prospects interacted with your eBook and engaged. At the end, this measurability allows you to modify your lead generation strategies for rapid growth and increased sales.

When customers have successfully read your eBook and realized the genuine value of your content, you’ve just closed another gap in the sales funnel.

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There is no better way to develop a trustworthy relationship with your clients than to create a persuasive and information eBook that addresses customer concerns and questions about things that truly matter to them.

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