eBook Writing Advice: Where to Self Publish an eBook?

Where to self publish an eBook

The switch to the digital media marked the end of brick-and-mortar music record stores. It seems similar is happening in the book business at the moment. A change in buying habits of book readers has put pressure on revenues of independent physical bookshops.

However, as they say, one man’s loss is another man’s gain, eBooks publishers and authors have benefited greatly from the digital revolution.

While the physical books have their own benefits, eBooks have an edge in that it’s much more practical and convenient to carry around and store. Moreover, you don’t have the guilty conscious when reading eBooks as no tree is sacrificed to make paper for the book.

That’s why it’s no surprise that eBooks sales now account for a significant number of total book sales. Sales of eBooks have grown considerably in the past few years. By 2018, the share of eBook sales is expected to grow by more than 25%, according to Statistica.

The best thing about eBook publishing is that it involves little or no cost. You can easily and instantly publish your digital literary work online without spending a lot of bucks.

What’s best is that there is 100% chance of the book being published online. No more being at the mercy of the publisher to get the book published. Just about anyone can publish his or her literary work in the form of eBook without many hassles.

Here we will tell you the secrets on where to self-publish your eBook for maximum online exposure. So, sit back relax, and read the 5 best places to publish your digital work online.

1. Smashwords

Smashwords is an invaluable resource to publish an eBook. The best thing about the self publishing site is that you don’t have to pay any money to get the work published. You can upload the eBook within minutes by following the instructions provided on the site.

While you can upload your work using customized formatting, you can also use online tools available at the site to create professional looking book. The eBook formatted using the online tool will look great on different devices.

So, what’s the catch?

The only sacrifice that you have to make when publishing on the eBook platform is to take a small cut in the royalties. However, it’s is a small price to pay considering that your eBook will be distributed in a large number of platforms thereby ensuring maximum online exposure of the eBook.

2. Apple iBook Store

Another great online resource to publish your eBooks online is the Apple iBook store. By uploading your literary work on the Apple store, you will be able to make your work accessible to millions of iPhone and iPad users. What’s more, you will be able to retain up to 70% sale proceeds if you follow Apple’s pricing instructions.

To upload the file to Apple store, you need to convert the document file to .iBook format, ePub, PDF, or text file. This can easily be done by using free third-party apps such as Caliber and others. Before you can upload the file, you have to get registered by filling an online application. It’s recommended that you publish your eBook in Apple’s iBook store as the company continues to sell millions of iPads and iPhones all over the world.

3. Kobo Writing Life

Once you have decided upon the topic of the eBook, you next task should be to come up with an interesting title for the eBook. Remember that the title alone makes a huge difference in the success of an eBook.


The reason is that most people search for eBooks that they want to read online by typing certain keywords into the search box. That’s why it is important that you select a title that is not only attention-grabbing, but will also be easily ‘discovered’ online.

Joanna Penn owner of the Creative Penn podcast and author of several successful books talked about her own experience in picking a title while giving an interview that you can read here. She said that her first eBook titled “How to enjoy your job or find a new one’ that she published on Amazon was not able to generate enough hits (online clicks in geek terms).

By digging deeper to get to the root of the problem, she found that the keyword of the eBook title was not popular among the online readers. She said that if you visit Amzaon.com, change the search option to books, and then type a keyword, you can see search suggestions from Amazon in the drop box. These are the keywords that most of the people search when looking for an eBook. Using this insight, Penn changed the title of her eBook to ‘Career Change’ and instantly the sales went up by about 10 times.

Apart from searching the keywords on Amazon, you should also search the almighty of search engines – Google – for hot keywords. Using a simple tool such as Google Keyword planner, you can find out what keywords are used the most by people searching for content related to the chosen topic. When you select a high-volume keyword for the title, you will increase the chances of your eBook appearing on the top pages of Google search result.

A final point regarding selecting the title of an eBook is that you should prefer a long title to a short.

This is because it will allow you to incorporate two or more keywords in the title, which will greatly boost the chances of your eBook being discovered online. Instead of “How to sell real estate”, for instance, you should use the title “How to flip and sell real estate for profit” to boost the chances of getting discovered online.

3. Know about the Right Formatting of the eBook

Know about the Right Formatting of the eBook

Kobo Writing Life is a great online resource for eBook authors. If you want your literary work to be discovered by millions of avid readers in more than 190 countries, then you should certainly give it a go.

The online tool allows you to publish an eBook to which you own sole digital rights. The tool can serve as your one-stop DIY publishing portal. It makes publishing as simple as 1-2-3. You just have to enter an eBook title, author name, upload an image cover in Jpg or Png format. It’s that simple.

You can upload the manuscript in word (doc) format directly without having to convert the file. Your file will automatically be converted to ePub format. When uploading the file, you can also enter sub-title and series name of the eBook.

Moreover, you can choose options regarding how you are going to sell the eBook and how you will protect it. The pricing options allow you to select a standard list price of a unique price set in a particular currency.

After you click on the Publish button, your literary work will be available to millions of Kobo customers all over the world. And then all you need to do is to sit back and let the revenues keep on rolling in your bank account.

The dynamic Kobo dashboard allows you to view sales figures. You can monitor sales by different geographical regions. If you have published multiple eBooks, you can also track the sales of each digital book separately.

You will be paid in your local currency by direct deposit once the eBook sales revenue exceeds $50. In case the payment threshold is not met, you will receive the amount biannually.

3. Barnes & Noble’s Nook Press

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Press

Nook Press by Barnes & Noble is one of the places that you should certainly publish your digital literary work. You can publish eBooks for free at this site. Once you upload the eBook, it becomes available to millions of online readers within just 72 hours. What’s even better is that you won’t have to pay any money to get your content published in Nook.

There are many benefits of publishing your eBook on Barnes & Noble. Nook Press feature easy-to-use tools using which you can write, edit, and format the manuscripts all at one place. You can edit the book and collaborate with friends using the online tools.

Also, you can promote your eBook by sharing it within the Nook community using the official blog and FaceBook channel. By marketing your eBook to millions of people that have subscribed to Nook and Barnes & Noble, you can greatly boost the visibility of your published work.

Lastly, you can track sales opportunities using the online tools available at the online site and watch the royalties roll in your bank account on a daily basis.

4. Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle platform should not be overlooked when publishing an eBook. Amazon enjoys the biggest share of the eBook market by far. If you ever dream of making it big through your published digital literary work, you can increase the odds of realizing that dream by publishing the eBook on Amazon.

The best thing about Amazon Kindle self-publishing program is that you can make use of a large number of tools to edit the eBook and convert it into a format suitable for publishing.

To make your eBook available on Amazon Kindle, you should use the Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. The online publishing service allows you to quickly publish your literary work at no cost at all. Using the online tools available on site, you can easily create Kindle compatible eBooks from ePUB, HTML, and XHTML files. The files created using the online tool can be viewed in current and future Kindle devices.

5. Infinity Publishing

Infinity Publishing is a gem of an online self-publishing site. The eBook publishing platform allows you to reach millions of readers all over the world. You can maximize exposure of your eBook by getting your work distributed on its global distribution network, which includes Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more than 30 other networks. The distribution network covers print, digital, and audio publishing.

You can publish your eBook online using the Authors Concierge service or request the publishing guide to send you a publishing agreement that can be printed and mailed back along with the manuscript.

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Once you publish your work, the online self-publishing company will distribute your work on its large network. By publishing your work with Infinity Publishing, you maintain all the rights. You will receive regular royalty payments based on a certain percentage of the receipts.

The online publishing tools allow you to design an eBook cover, professionally format the eBook, print-on-demand, track sales, and receive ISBN. The simple yet powerful self-publishing tools will give you greater control over your digital work.

So whether you have a story to tell or a product to sell, you can do it by publishing an eBook online. When you publish your digital work online using the online resources mentioned here, you will be able to maximize exposure of the same, and greatly increase the chances of becoming the next millionaire author. So, we wish you best of luck for your future literary endeavors!