Market Your EBook in Easy Steps

Market Your EBook in Easy Steps

EBook marketing has been in the picture for a long time. But this is where the advantage ends, mostly. People aren’t really sure how to not only write good eBook but also how to market them in a way that gets more reads, more click through rates on their websites, and generally more followers who are willing to become loyal clients.

The thing that needs to be kept in mind is this, eBooks unlike blogs, articles and web copy is a different format altogether. Yes it is a source providing information, direction or guidance, but it is also much more than that. An eBook is a marketing tool that is meant to convince the readers that there is no one better than you to help them out. And until and unless you are able to convince people of this, you will not be successful.

What’s more, marketing an eBook takes different approach than advertising about any other kind of online sale. This blog will tell you exactly what the fine art of eBook writing is all about and how you can market your eBook in these simple steps. Read on to become an expert within no time.

Why is it Important?

EBooks are important because they let you have some room to talk about what you do best at your company and how it can benefit people. More and more marketers are coming towards eBooks because they help in lead generation pretty quickly. What’s more, they also improve your ranking for search engine optimization at places like Google search.

If you are able to give away knowledge about what you do and how you are the best in the field, you equip your readers with ideas and information, which leads to a customer who knows what to do. This is why it is said that an informed customer is a loyal and dedicated client. And having people have access to your eBooks is fast and easy. All you will need to do is put up a link on your website and the eBook is theirs. Readers won’t even have to carry an additional item in order to remain connected to you, they can simply read the book on their phones, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

How to Create and Market Your eBook in 5 Steps

To be able to market your eBook in the best manner possible, there are certain things that you will need to do before getting to that point, first of which is coming up with a stellar topic and creating the perfect eBook that your readers will love. Here is how to get started.

Coming up with a Theme and Organizing an EBook

The most important thing that you need to do is find a topic that will interest your target audience and then write a compelling book on it. For this, you would need to not only research the topic, but also its valuation in the market. Once your topic is well researched, you will need to come up with a title of the eBook. Make sure the title reflects your theme and can instantly capture the attention of all who come across it. Check out what are competitors using in the market to be certain of your own choice.

Then start by outlining the topics and what will the eBook contain. Ensure that you do not talk about irrelevant stuff, but actually provide information that is beneficial for your readers. Another thing that is a must is clear call to action. If your eBook does not point blank talk about what you want the readers to do, then you have failed in your purpose. Target audiences are like year year olds, who need to be told what they are expected to do, so remain clear on that. Give them bullet points on what they can do in order to get in touch with you and avail whatever it is that you have on offer.

EBook Cover Design and Format

A cover may not seem like the most important thing to you right now, but trust us when we say that it will be the first thing that gets the attention of your readers. Get it designed professionally if you feel you are not creative enough. Remember, for most people, it is the cover that decides the fate of the book, so yours should be such that it immediately asks to be bought/downloaded and read. Adding some images or helpful infographs or pictures are also going to earn your eBook brownie points, therefore try adding them.

Format of the eBook is also a serious matter to think of. PDF is must, but also make sure you give options of reading the book in .epub and .mobi formats. You can quickly and easily convert your file from kitpdf or calibre-ebooks.

How to Give it Out

Now this is where you have two options. If you are a new business setup that not many people know about, you can start by handing out free eBooks. Once you have gained enough following by target audience, you can then write a sequel or another new book to get paid for your written word. You can also email the target audience some parts of the books letting them buy the rest. This way you will be able to market your eBook and also earn income on it. But try to check what kind of thing works or your business and then decide on the final outcome.

If you think you don’t have what it takes to write an eBook on your own, then you can help from professional eBook writers. They give you packages that will suit your budgetary needs and will come up with a final product that is going to help kick start your long business eBook career.

The Actual Marketing of Your eBook

Whether it is amazons that you choose to launch your eBook on or some other launching website, the process of releasing it online is not the only thing that you need to do. Marketing it is even more important because without proper advertising nobody will find out that you have something of value to offer. And this can be done in 5 easy steps. Here is how you can market your eBook in few steps.

1.Landing Page

Landing pages are must. These are the pages that get all the information about people who view your website. The basic purpose of the landing page is to allow the visitors to either download or purchase the book that you have on offer. Since they are target based, you can easily focus on who your potential clients will be and keep the attention to what you want, that is the selling or marketing of your new book.

The best part about a landing page though is that it will give you insight on what people are looking for. Make sure you create a landing page well in advance so that if need be, you can add certain reader interests to your book that you may have otherwise missed out on.


Blogs are the place where you can publicize freely without any fear of sounding like a narcissist. If you don’t already have a blog, either start one before the writing of the eBook, or become a member of some other blogging community as a guest blogger. If none of those is the option, then pay some blogger to publicize your eBook. There is nothing better than someone else praising your book to attract audience.

It is best though that you have your very own blog that is a part of your website. You can not only let people know about how your eBook is coming along, but you can also get their reviews, opinions and suggestions on what they might like to see in the book. This is going to get a lot more people interested in seeing and purchasing the final product.

Make sure you have a comments section on the blog so that people find it easier to communicate with you and let you know what they think.

3.Social Media

There is nothing like social media to create hype. The best thing you can do for your eBook is create a social media post for it and keep it updated throughout the writing, publication and release processes. Make sure you try to increase fervor about the book so that people become involved with the whole thing and actually want to make purchase when the book comes out.

Use as many social media platforms as you can including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, Instagram and more. The huger following you have, the more likelihood of your eBook becoming famous within a short span of time. If you have the money, hire someone to keep the hype alive on social media pages so that you can focus on the actual writing of the eBook. If not, you can take out some time each day and make updates so that people know what is going on and continue to look forward to the release of the book.

4.Special Newsletters

Special newsletters can be sent out to all your current and potential clients along with certain target audience that informs them about the upcoming eBook. These newsletters could sometimes even include quips or short extracts from the book so that interest remains alive. You can also send a final newsletter on the release of the book so that people know your eBook is out and where they can get their hands on it. Keep the newsletter as personalized as possible so that target audience feels like they are being given special attention.

5.Free Samples

This is something that can go a long way. All you have to do is send free eBook samples to some of your loyal clients and customers. You can send them through email. One more way to give out free samples is to create a sort of urgency like “free eBooks for first 10 visitors to website after 12 am”. These not only create hype, it also increases traffic to the website. Even people who may previously have had no interest in your book could end up becoming converts and regular customers.

If you don’t want to give out the entire book, you can always send in a chapter or two and suggest the reader purchase the rest. If your eBook is useful or interesting enough, readers will be forced to make the purchase and earn you revenue.

Not sure you are suited to market your eBook in these steps? Get in touch with people who do this every single day. These professionals will be able to make sure that your eBook is out and running within no time. Just make sure you hire someone who knows what they are doing so that you end up with a fabulous outcome instead of wastage of money. Best of luck!