Best Way to Write an E-book

Best Way to Write an E-book

Electronic books have gained quite an acceptance among readers around the world. While many argue that e-books will never take over printed books, the change in reading trends begs to differ.

Why Write an E-book?

Every single year, more and more people are switching towards electronic books. This is also one of the reasons why most writers are now more focused on publishing their books online rather than going through the trouble of doing so traditionally.

In addition to that, unless you are a renowned writer around the world, you will be better off publishing your book online. The reason is that offline publishers tend to pay huge advances to big names, but the case is different with newer, less famous writers. In fact, most emerging writers don’t even get a chance to hire a good publisher.

E-books are Easier

Following these steps is the best way to write an e-book. They will not only help you create a great e-book, but also let you grow as an online writer.

List down Your Ideas

E-books are Easier

This is the base of writing a compelling e-book. Although it sounds obvious, it is not as simple. You need to come up with a list of topics that are enticing for the end reader.

  • Remember: There is no topic that can cater to all of the readers. There will always be people who don’t like your content. What you have to make sure of is that the audience you are willing to cater to, are the ones who like your content the most.

  • Topics to go for: writing fiction, it is your creativity that matters the most. But anything else will require quite a bit of research. Find a balance between topics that people would be interested in, and topics that you can gather relevant—first or second hand—information about. Again, always keep your core audience in mind while choosing a topic.

Shortlist and Select

You have a list of topics that are both interesting, and offer enough information for you to write a good piece. This is where your interest plays the most part. Shortlist the topics that you find most interesting, and pick your favorite among them.

This practice will allow you to select a topic that is interesting for both you and your audience.
Furthermore, since you have already made sure that the topic is easy to be researched upon, it will be easier to write on it.

Create a Skeleton

The best way to write an e-book is to know exactly what you will write in it. Remember that this will also require research. For example: Instead of writing “Introduction” as a section, write specifically what points the ‘introduction’ will include. In other words, create a ‘specific outline’ of what you will write in the e-book rather than a general one. Remember that you can always expand on the things you decide to write.

  • The key: The best way to create a specific outline is to research on your topic. Find things to insert in every section and mention them in bullets. You can write as many bullet points under a section header as you want. The more of these points you have, the more informative, and engaging your e-book can become.

Start Writing

Start Writing

You have already gone through a bit of the content during research. This means that you know the flow already. Start with it, and continue. Having a detailed skeleton will help you manage the entire e-book fairly easily.

  • The trick: The best way to write an e-book with compelling content is to add exclusive, primary information on the subject. This is something that top writers do. They add-in information into their content that is available nowhere else. This makes their content unique and desirable. This is exactly what you should do.

The trick:

Beware: Although this is an excellent trick, going after such primary sets of information can take quite a bit of time. Make sure you don’t go too deep or spend too much time to get content that will take one page in your 250-page electronic book.

Proof and Rewrite

Proof and Rewrite

Give equal time and importance to proofing as you did to writing content in the first place. As professional eBook writers, we cannot emphasize this point enough! Even if you have good content, simple factual mistakes, and grammatical errors can take the value of your content down.

So if you seek the best way to write an e-book or craft a best-seller, make sure you proofread, and rewrite content where necessary. Again, don’t underestimate this part while creating an e-book.

Title and Cover

Now that you have completed eBook writing, it is time to give it a name. This is another crucial step in writing an e-book.

  • How to do it? You know exactly what is present in your content. Summarize it in a few words. The best way to do this is to take all the titles in the e-book, and make one that represents them all.

    Similarly, designing an attractive cover and thumbnail is also very important for an e-book. There have been several e-books, even from top writers like R.L. Mathewson that did not perform well online. It was not because their content wasn’t good, but because their cover image was not well-made.

  • The key: It’s simple! Design a great cover for your e-book, and complement it with an exceptional title. .

    There are a lot of different steps involved in writing, but the ones mentioned above offer the best way to write an e-book. They are a combination of the practices followed by top online writers.