7 Strategies to Improve your eBook Sales

7 Strategies to Improve your eBook Sales

The fascination and fondness for eBooks seems to be at an all time high. Whether you are a writer, who ink words to tempt literary cravings and satisfy the romantic in you or just a logophile concerned with fame — writing and publishing your e-book nowadays is just like getting those corns all popping up in a microwave, quick and trendier. And what’s bad about the idea of getting paid while preparing those popcorns? Because lets be pragmatic here, the romantic is not even entertained at the door mat, the moment the pockets go slack; fame without money is like a social worker doing charitable acts (not as if we are criticizing the nobles but you get the gist).

EBook sales could face a sudden slump for any number of mistakes on your part, leaving you in a state of crisis which might seem to have no solution. However, the decline in the sales of your eBook is not necessarily due to the book itself being a failure. It could also be the case that the marketing strategies along with the content aren’t sound enough to sell it across the targeted segment of the market.

Once you have determine the continuous slouch in the sales of your eBook, you need to gear up and formulate strong strategies to not only control it but also improve the sales of your eBook if the initial sales has not been a flourishing one.

1.Invest in Multiple eBook Stores

If you have been focusing your marketing efforts solely on one eBook store to sell your eBook, you aren’t doing enough at all. Consider your eBook as the product you need to sell and make a breakthrough in the market, for that matter positioning strategies are to be implemented. The customers need to see it for it to sell, in the first place. One of the tips to improve your eBook sales is to expand your sales efforts to various eBook stores.

2.Get your eBook Reviewed

Get your eBook Reviewed

Getting your eBook reviewed is one of the great tips to improve your eBook sales which work without fail. People need a real perspective along with the synopsis you provide for your eBook and for that matter it is essential to get your eBook reviewed so to gather sound testimony in the favor of your eBook. This not only generates more sales but also engages customers in a very effective manner.

3.Work on the Face of Your eBook

Once you are done with writing one of your masterpieces in the form of your eBook, it is time for you to invest in the face of the eBook which is going to be a prime factor in boosting the sales of your eBook. Yes, your script needs to be of high quality for it to be popular but it is also essential for it to have a cover which is in cohesion with the content of the eBook and also attractive enough to grab the attention of the target market. Apply the concept of effective packaging here and witness the wonders it does. However, don’t forget to deliver what you are promising your potential customers.

4.Give a Sneak Peek

You are selling an eBook and for it you need to ensure your customers that they’ll be getting what they are paying for. But how would you assure them. One of the best tips to improve your eBook sales is to give a preview to your customers who are interested in purchasing your eBook. It is a great idea to provide them with a sample and even better to limit it to a cliff hanger right when it has captivated the audience.

5.Provide Various Formats of Reading

The readership of your eBook is not going to be confined to a singular format of eBook reader, and it doesn’t have to be. One of the tips to improve your eBook sales is to provide multiple options to your customers. And that would be done when you will be providing them with an eBook which will be available in almost all reading formats such as PDF, .epub, mobi etc. with the advancement of electronic gadgets, your readers won’t necessarily be reading your eBook on their PC only.

6.Create Hype on Social Media

Advertising has been winning as one of the tips to improve your eBook sales, and undoubtedly it is an effective one. Social media advertising is one of the tools you can use to advertise your eBook before its launch and after that. This will give you market insights and also engage the customers with the trending posts, comments and news updates etc. you can also offer discount vouchers on these social media sites and start contests online.

7.Effective Pricing

The bad news first; you might want to offer it for free for some time or lower your prices.

The good news: it will induce skyrocketing sales when you set out your customers on a competition to win the chance to grab their copy for free and the following readers will be intrigued to pay.

Secondly, it proves to be a potent incentive bringing in more revenue than high prices could generate. This is one of the trickiest parts and thus it is important to implement a sound pricing strategy and check with your market constantly to gauge the need of increasing the price at the right time.

Enjoy the perks a successful eBook brings and it is much more than the monetary benefits; a successfully selling eBook opens the door to high sales for the next eBooks as well. Gain this by ensuring your introduce the right strategies at the right time.