5 Promotional Strategies to Boost eBook Sales

5 Ways to Generate Revenue with eBooks

The fascination and fondness for eBooks seems to be at an all time high. Whether you are a writer, who ink words to tempt literary cravings and satisfy the romantic in you or just a logophile concerned with fame — writing and publishing your e-book nowadays is just like getting those corns all popping up in a microwave, quick and trendier. And what’s bad about the idea of getting paid while preparing those popcorns? Because lets be pragmatic here, the romantic is not even entertained at the door mat, the moment the pockets go slack; fame without money is like a social worker doing charitable acts (not as if we are criticizing the nobles but you get the gist).

So what if you can earn fame and satisfy the romantic in you, while you also get to earn some cash through your e-book? Not a bad idea, right? Then tread on this stepladder of 5 ways to generate revenue with eBooks, and unlock the treasure box of profits.

1.Direct Sales

Direct Sales

First on the stepladder of 5 ways to generate revenue with eBooks, is direct sales. It is the most common way of generating revenue through your eBooks. It simply means that you sell off your literary digital compilations by establishing direct channel of communication. Examples of direct sales include, uploading your e-book on an online bookstore like Amazon, Kindle etc and then see your cash influxes rise as people purchase them.

To boost your direct sales you can use various promotional and marketing platforms with social media the most commonly used tool nowadays. The more traffic you drive towards your uploaded e-book link, the more the profit you earn.

2.Teaming Up

Teaming Up

Second on the stepladder of 5 ways to generate revenue with eBooks, is collaboration. With this channel of revenue generation, you actually team up with someone else to help you in selling your e-book, a kind of affiliation that the other party would build with your brand. This doubles your marketing and promotion efforts and hence you get to earn more than what you will with direct sales only.

But obviously it comes at a cost. You have to pay commission to your affiliate for promoting and driving traffic towards your e-book. Hey, but nothing is for free in this world!

3.Promotional Card

Promotional Card

Third on the step ladder of 5 ways to generate revenue with eBooks, is being a promoter. In this strategy you become the affiliate rather than hiring an affiliate for your e-book.

Sounds confusing? Let us clear your confusion.

Depending on the topic of your e-book you can link up with other providers, promote their products through your e-book and earn commission for yourself. For instance you are writing an e-book on weight loss. Definitely there are supplements and training equipments that do help with weight loss. So what you can do is link the brands with which you have collaborated and negotiate a commission for advertising their products through your e-book. Similarly, if you have your very own store that deals with products of interest, you can self endorse and generate more revenue.

4.Cater to Mobile Readers

Cater to Mobile Readers

In our step ladder of 5 ways to generate revenue with eBooks, next comes the transformation of your eBooks into mobile apps. App stores trump the e-book stores in terms of user base and this can be exploited to target a larger revenue stream than you will with any online eBook store. Software like Kotobee Author can be used to transform your e-book into an interactive mobile app, which can then be downloaded.

5.Hello Once Again!

Hello Once Again!

And the final rung in our step ladder of 5 ways to generate revenue with eBooks, is the utilization of backend strategy. Backend sales form one of the smartest ways to strengthen your profit streams. It is about drafting your e-book with a proactive content that lures the readers who have already bought your e-book into a purchase that they feel they should follow with. Your pro-activity demands reactivity from your readers.

Still struggling to understand the concept? Well consider the case of movie sequels. Here the director and producer entices you with a prequel and then announces a sequel. If your prequel has enough depth, chances are that the audience will also welcome the sequel. And this is exactly what backend sales is all about.

In the case of eBooks, some of the examples are a sequel or just a DVD prompting the reader to learn about what more you have to offer.

eBooks can prove to be a powerful option for aspiring writers to fulfill their passion, while getting to earn shiny silver coins. It is all about how versatile you are in your selling approach and strategies.