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We are frequent visitors to the fiery chasm where eBooks are written. We not only write them, but also format and publish them for our clients. It’s not that bad down there really. As long as you know what you are doing there are absolutely no chances of getting stuck down here. But one wrong, indecisive move and you can count on staying for a very long time!


Our expertise and experience in writing eBooks on a number of topics for many different clients, has given us complete prowess over eBook writing. This is not something many others can boast of!

But Why Do People Write and Publish an eBook?

We are approached by people from all parts of the world and all walks of life to help them master the craft of creating an eBook that sells. Of course, we oblige!

Entrepreneurs, bloggers, chefs, doctors, dentists, dieticians, and online marketers have benefitted from selling, and even giving away, eBooks. The reasons are pretty simple but also very powerful:

  • EBooks can prove their authority as published authors. Let your ideas take flight and use your words to empower and motivate your readers.
  • EBooks help them tap into the insanely huge number of audience that likes to read on their eReaders. Nook, Kindle, iPad and an insane number of smart phones with the capability to read eBooks mean that there are now just as many people interested in reading an eBook as there are for paper books.
  • EBooks are a great vehicle to help them build a viable relationship with their clientele and audience. These are awesome for your online marketing efforts, working as a well-established platform to fortify your content marketing.

Why You Need Our High Quality eBook Ghost Writing Service?

EBooks are your gateway to virtually limitless opportunities. The right writing partners, like our freelance eBook writers, can help you deliver trustworthy, compelling ideas, information and stories to your readers. And whether your eBook is a money maker or marketing ‘goodie’, its success is pretty much guaranteed if it delivers some sort of value to the readers.

EBook is an insanely popular digital media vehicle that perfectly teams up knowledge and entertainment with marketing influence. And at Ghost eBook Writers, we have the expertise in creating eBooks of substance and style. Our eBooks are ideal for boosting your business and offering real value to your readers.

Ghost eBook Writers: An All-Inclusive, Comprehensive eBook Writing Service!

Research, data gathering and verification is an important part of our eBook writing method. This is exactly what helps us ensure the high quality that we are known for. It is the spine that supports the book, and ensures that your eBook is ready for reading and distribution as soon s we are done with it.

Of course, our clients get regular updates and drafts throughout the eBook writing process so we can be sure that we are delivering to their exact specifications.

All in all, it is safe to say that we are the professional eBook writing service to do real justice to your project!

Convinced? Want to know more? Just like to say hi to our eBook ghostwriters? Call us at 1-855-333-4999 and we’d love to discuss your project requirements with you. We have some eBook packages that are perfect for you.