How to Transform Passive Readers of your eBooks into Effective Brand Activists!


What if you could create and command a network of brand advocates and pseudo-marketing consultants? It is entirely do-able; all you have to do is engage them effectively. Many small and large sized businesses have been able to turn their customers into brand advocates, and are reaping the benefits in the form of more online trade.

No, you won’t need to use paid media. Social media can give you all the tools you need to command a loyal following and unleash a horde of influential and outspoken “advocates” onto the internet, doing the marketing for you. They will influence those around them to buy your products/services, express their ideas clearly on how you can enhance the brand and offer their advice free of cost.

Small businesses can engage their audiences just as effectively as the big wigs, using a powerful digital and content marketing strategy.

Find Out the Deepest Desires of Your Followers and Readers!

Start off by finding why people are willing to share your content i.e. eBooks on social media. The common reasons are:

  • They find it entertaining
  • They believe it defines and represents their views on some level
  • It helps them figure out and get better at relationships
  • It offers self-fulfillment
  • It offers them a way to support a cause that’s close to their hearts.

Quality eBooks are different than anything else available to them. These stand out, make waves and do not try to copy what others offer. Are your eBooks achieving these goals of uniqueness and value?

Don’t Try To Please All People At All Times!

It’s okay for eBooks to have some conflict or drama if the need be. It’s called personality and it helps polarize the readers, making die-hard fans out of the ones who agree, and gaining the respect of ones who don’t. A good eBook author or ghost writer can help make the content of an eBook as interactive and engaging as possible. It is a good idea to spice things up a bit using solid facts and data, but make sure it doesn’t get boring. The trick is to draw people by creating disagreements and add drama by telling stories.

If social media is any indication, people share controversial and provocative opinions like wildfire. So use your eBook and give them something to talk about!

Simply Tell Your Audience What to Do!

A strong call to action will let them know what exactly should be done next. Sprinkle post-scripts throughout your e-Book for effective CTAs that don’t break the train of thought. P.S. If your friends and colleagues could do with this information, we’d love it if you shared this eBook with them. Thanks!

Simple and effective, post-scripts are a non-invasive, harmless way of increasing the quality of your content. You just need to point them in the right direction.


Apart from this, try to make your eBook content more interesting by including stories. Stories and dramas always keep people reading for what happens next. If it’s a corporate eBook then try including scenarios and personal stories about the problems that you faced and how you got their solutions… leading to how you can help them do the same!

Relate yourself to the readers and show you came out of the same situation and how everyone can also do so.

Writing eBooks is now imperative for businesses that want their content strategy to be taken seriously. If used right, eBooks can be useful for a lot more than just generating email lists for marketing. These are a marketing tool in themselves. And incidentally, we happen to be very good at making them! Call us now at 1-855-333-4999 to learn more about our eBook writing service.