Selling E-Books On Your Own Website

Is writing your passion? Feel like you have some expertise, and would love to share it with the world? That’s where eBooks come in. Simple to create, easy to monetize – selling eBooks from your own website is like the perfect business.

You don’t need to cover any sort of overheads including printing, distribution or deliveries. On top of that, you are connected with all your readers in a way you never can, without other third parties like Amazon.

If you have any experience with direct sales, then setting up a website to sell your eBook may just be the perfect business for you. First off, you need to set up your website for success. You need to drive enough traffic to turn it into a respectable number of conversions. Other considerations include Digital Rights Management (DRM).


The Benefits of Direct Selling From Your Website

The most important benefit of selling eBooks directly is the revenue. Selling from your website means you won’t be sharing the profits with other third party sites, like Apple iBookstore or Amazon. This means you could be making anywhere from 40% to 100% more profit.

Moreover, when you sell directly, you get the customer’s complete information. This includes their contact details, including email address and phone numbers. Once you have their permission you can set up mailing lists and bring in additional business as you continue to release new eBooks.

DRM or Not?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is what prevents readers from copying your eBooks or redistributing them. It also helps protect your work from piracy by restricting downloads to only those people who pay for your books.


From a writer’s point of view, why should you let pirates steal your work? Why should they be able to distribute your eBook without your permission?

However, that being said, there are some downsides to DRM as well. It may cause inconvenience to customers by limiting them from moving eBooks from one device to another. Furthermore, many writers present the argument that piracy actually helps spread awareness about your book to people who would actually buy it. There are ups and downs to both having and not having DRM. Make sure you weigh your options before making a choice.

Set Up Your Digital Infrastructure

Your digital infrastructure would include your website, your social media platforms, and your blog. Before you proceed to setting up your eBook for sale on your website, make sure that all the digital facets are functional, and in place. Eventually, all of your digital media presences would work together to drive online traffic to your website and boost conversions.

Need Professional Help?

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