Editor’s Note: The Power of Quality Editing

EBook Proofreading Services and Why They Matter

Editing is to writing what topping is to pizza: a final, but absolutely vital step in perfecting a tempting product meant for mass consumption.

The colorful assortment of hot paprika and red pepperoni, muzzled in the melting richness of gooey cheese; striking black olives submerged in a field of tomato sauce as lush green jalapenos poke through the wild, seductive canvas of Italian exquisiteness.

It’s an explosion of color and flavor, creating a visually stunning impact before you take your first bite.

Although the thrilling confrontation of various ingredients seems like an ambitious, experimental success at first sight – it’s actually a result of meticulously measured proportions. Just like the careful pruning of lines and dialogue in a story that exceeds the bounds of a decent word-count.

You can suddenly see why there are parallels between the two when you attempt to edit a manuscript where your untamed words lay fixed on the surface of a flat screen or sheet of paper. There’s a compelling story or a plot there, an important lesson or information – but at present, appears to be a mismatched bunch of bamboo sticks and tiger roses, plucked aggressively from the wild, lying scattered on the floor beside the legs of your sweetheart’s chair.

Editing is the magic that carefully selects each stem and flower from that floor, coordinating color and contrast, and binds them with grace and tenderness in apastel white bouquet that says “I love you”. And it doesn’t stop there; it then places the sacred jewels of the jungle within the snug mouth of an opulent flaxen vase on your loved one’s desk – right between his worn out journal and sparking silver watch he inherited from his great grandfather.

That’s precisely why editing is important. With a few adjustments, it turns a reckless piece on espionage into an authentic story with sustained tension and poise. It doesn’t impose or obstruct; it unclogs and refines. And if you’ve written an eBook that you believe has the potential of being a best-seller or impacting readers, you should take the time to understand the significance of quality editing before sending your half-baked content for publishing.

Polishing Your Work of Art

It’s difficult to share your work with others and let them make detailed notes about what they think needs changing. You’re a writer; of course, you’ll take it personally every now and then – you’re sensitive, and it comes with the territory!

What you should keep in mind, however, is that professional editing is not about instructing writers what works and what doesn’t. It’s about being mindful of your brilliant vision, and making subtle changes that instantly illuminate the words of your book. It’s an incredibly daunting task that demands restraint, objectivity, meticulous skill and a kind of egoless knack for perfection, as your editor sits hours at his or her desk, like a humble gardener, weeding and spraying your Garden of Eden with holy water.

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