Make Money Online With E-Books


A large number of writers are often left trying to figure out why their eBooks won’t sell. They have put together the best content and are expecting to make money off what they would call their best work.

Most of the times, it is the lack of a strategy or proper knowledge of how ecommerce works that contributes to the lower number of sales.

If you are planning to make money online with eBooks, you’ve made the right choice. A large number of people make thousands of dollars off their eBooks across a wide variety of platforms. It’s really simple actually once you get the grip of it.

Have It Ghostwritten

One of the easiest ways to start is by having your book ghostwritten by professional writers. At Ghost eBook Writers, we have a complete team of professional writers who have years of experience writing eBooks for a wide variety of clients belonging to different industries. Our services start as low as $9.95 per page! Check out our portfolio to begin.

Why have it ghost written? To have a professional writer work on it and so that you can directly jump to making money off your eBook. We write it, you publish it under your name. It’s as simple as that. We also offer additional services like cover design and royalty free images.


Create A Landing Page

Your eBook sales aren’t going anywhere if you don’t have a landing page that is specifically designed to promote conversions.

This landing page will shed light on the eBook, how readers can benefit from it, narrowing down to a call-to-action. You can also discuss an excerpt to further help readers understand the value they can gain from your eBook.

The landing page should be linked to all your social media pages and profiles to drive traffic and boost sales.

Set Up Amazon and Apple iBookstore Accounts

One of the most important ways to start accumulating fast profits when selling eBooks online is by adopting a 360-degree approach to marketing. Amazon, Apple iBookstore and Barnes & Noble’s are some of the most authoritative eBook stores that already have a massive audience and viewership across the globe. Even though they will keep a small chunk of each sale in the form of royalty, you still make good money off these stores.

Turn It into an App

A growingly popular way to make money online with eBooks is by turning them into standalone applications and distributing them across major app stores. Most smartphone users constantly stay updated with app stores and willingly pay if an eBook is able to offer genuine value to them. Consider this part of your 360-degree marketing strategy to make money with eBook sales.

The larger part in making a good deal of money off an eBook is how effective you are at marketing it. Once you have your strategies in place, it wouldn’t be long before you start raking in profits.

Get in touch with us at Ghost eBook Writers to learn more about how we can help you design, write and publish the perfect eBook under your name.