The Ingredients of An Awesome eBook… That Sells!

eBooks not only assist authors neatly show off their literary prowess and mastery over the subject matter, but these also double up as an incredible way of helping them monetize on their expertise. Yes, eBooks can also be the exclusive premium content that can be sold at a nominal price and exchanged for email subscriptions. So there are quite a lot of things that can be done with an eBook, and selling it is number one on the list!

You can sell it on your website and blog, put it on Amazon, or sell it through 3rd party affiliates. But oftentimes, finding new buyers for their eBooks is very difficult for new eBook authors.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ensure that they buy your eBooks, and every time they come looking for information on your area of expertise, they arrive at our doorstep and make their way to the payment gateway!

For Starters, Make Sure That Your eBook Offering Is On-Point!

The eBook market is chock-full of hundreds of similar products. So what you are selling must offer something different than all other generic eBooks. Here are some things we have found to be helpful.

  • An amazing cover: In the age of very tiny attention spans, nothing matters more than the first impression. Make sure that your eBook cover looks great in grayscale, is readable even in thumbnail, and is representative of the genre you are writing for. And yes, hire a designer for the job!
  • A well-written eBook: This one’s a no-brainer! A well-written, beautifully formatted eBook that can hold the reader’s attention and appeals to their finer sensibilities will always sell better.
  • The perfect price: Get the pricing right and half your battle is won! However, pricing eBooks isn’t an exact science, so you are going to have to experiment with this one and find that sweet spot between sales and profit.
  • Good range of eBooks: Offer a number of eBooks because the more you publish, the greater your chance of finding readers and buyers for your eBooks. If you don’t have the time to invest in creating new titles, consider publishing split up eBooks i.e. in series, or create eBooks of your most popular blog entries.

Once All The Ingredients Are In Order, Make Sure You Market The End-Product Right!

If you are okay with giving a significant chunk of your earnings away, in return for guaranteed sales, then the Amazon Kindle marketplace is the perfect place to sell your eBook. However, if you’d like to be more in control of your earnings and would like detailed info on your buyers, then it is a good idea to sell your eBooks as digital downloads via your own website or blog.

There are actually plenty of ways to sell your eBooks; we’ll delve deeper into the topic of effectively marketing your eBook in a later blog post. Let us know how you liked this one!