EBook Proofreading Services and Why They Matter

EBook Proofreading Services and Why They Matter

The journey of a fantastic eBook starts with a single word. Inspiration turns into motivation, motivation turns into creativity, creativity turns into ideas, and ideas culminatein a riveting story.

When you sink into your writer’s chair, the world is literally at your fingertips. You blur the line between reality and fantasy, letting the Greek muses guide you to the ancient, esoteric lands of artistic freedom.

Your sharp, penetrating eyes gleam through the glasses that neatly frame your face. A cigar passing in and out of your lips as you tighten your grip on a steaming cup of black coffee, standing tall beside the crisp white sheets of your spiral-bound journal, or silver laptop. The smell of smoke and coffee fills the air, merging harmoniously with the sounds of maniacal typing, clicking or page-turning—almost like an incantation; a summoning. It’s an age-old ritual known to every writer: an initiation into the Order of Supreme Scribesmanship.

You reach a cryptic gateway to a new dimension, and allow the ancient spirits of inspiration and art to possess you—whirling in a feverish frenzy as you type rhythmically, birthing a new entity in the shape of a compelling book.

The experience is powerful and haunting, leaving you in a strange state of elation and numbness. As you lean back from what seems like a mad, primal rite of passage, you catch a glimpse of your journal or screen. Lo and behold; a story of epic proportions stares back at you, and the journey of 50,000 words has come to an end.

Getting another Perspective

You may think your manuscript or final MS draft is good enough to be published as is. And that’s the kind of confidence you should always maintain as a gifted writer. However, it’s entirely possible that during the process of unlocking your writer’s spirit, you get so immersed in the plot that you don’t notice typographical errors or structural incoherency.

You’ve undergone a complex and exhausting, but utterly gratifying journey; you definitely reserve the right to take a break and recuperate. A masterful piece of writing can’t be rushed, and sometimes, it helps enormously to get a second perspective – just to ensure that your words retain a voice of clarity and perfect coherency, grammatically and otherwise.

Ghost eBook Writers specializes in proofreading services for talented writers such as yourself, who simply need a professional, hawk-eyed writer to skim through the pages of your eBook and weed out glaring superficial errors that include spelling, grammar, structure and detail. We value your written word and ensure that the changes do not interfere with the sincerity and originality of your story.

Our experienced team of freelance ghostwriters include editors, writers, proofreaders, designers – all of whom strive to bring you premium content at affordable rates. We know writing is an incredibly personal journey, with every word encapsulating your hard work and commitment.

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