Cover Design Essentials Every Writer Should Know!

Your prospective reader is spoilt for choice! Between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books are published every year in the US alone. This figure includes the thousands of eBooks and reprints that go to the market each year. So there is a wonderful selection of products vying for the reader’s attention and money. Can your book stand out in this sea of competition or will it drown?

An eBook has only few seconds to catch the buyers’ attention. And an engaging cover design is the only saving grace for an eBook that needs to be sold in a highly competitive niche. It can be an amazing thriller, have very informative essays and industry’s best help and advice inside of it, but if the cover fails to portray that no one will bother looking inside, they have a lot more to select from. Sounds shallow, but the bitter truth is that an attractive exterior can do a lot to get your book sold.

Capturing Your Audience with an Engaging Cover

Great covers are purposefully designed to catch the eye of a book buyer. Mad your eBook needs one because:

1. You want to impress at first glance.

A well-designed book cover is the reader’s first interaction with your eBook. It piques their interests and gives them an insight into the awesomeness contained within the covers.

2. Dressing the part, get you the part.

A well-designed cover often translates to more value for consumers. If you plan to sell your book at the same price is bestselling titles, the least you can do is ensure that it’s dressed for success like the bigwigs. A well-designed cover can help our book to be taken more seriously.

3. It Helps Readers Make Better, Informed Decisions.

Opinions are formed in a matter of seconds, and then they stick! A good looking book attracts more people to take a peek inside, and if they like what they read in the snapshot, they take the plunge and purchase. In just a few minutes, readers will form a judgment of your writing, and it all starts with the content of your cover.


Creating a High-Quality Cover – What’s Involved?

In old days of traditional book publishing, writers only wrote the manuscripts and didn’t have anything to do with how it was presented to the world. Publishers had the final say in who would edit and proofread the book as well as who designed cover and how it was supposed to look.

Thanks to self-publishing and ghost writing services likes ours, you can be in charge of every single step of the eBook writing process. In addition to initial creative input, our designers ensure a high level of involvement and interaction by asking for and incorporating your feedback. This distinctive author-designer relationship allows us to create book covers that are pretty much an art form. Remember, your eBooks’ cover is more than just a place to write the title and pen name.

A great eBook cover presents an image that combines the thoughtfulness of the text with elements necessary to sell the book, such as the title, author biography or reviews etc. Select a designer who has proven credibility for creating the perfect layout of designs, images and fonts.

Many successful eBook covers are also great at revealing subtle symbolic pointers to what’s inside the book. Readers love these because not only are these great at getting them to buy the book, but they give a deeper understand to the text as readers continue to unravel the mysteries of the cover as they continue to read the text.

Make Your Design Simple, Actionable, and… Mysterious!

When designing covers for our clients, we prioritize these three traits first and foremost.

A simplistic eBook cover is the hardest to make. It would be so much easier for a designer to play around with multiple design elements and call it day. But our cover designers ensure that artwork and typography are discernible even when the proportions of the cover are reduced to a thumbnail, like it’s evident on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s websites.

We strictly believe that a cover can only be awesome if it can get an observer to give it a second look. If someone looks at your eBook and it compels them to ask, “What are they doing? Why is this happening? What will come next?”, then we have done our job!

But the thing is that we don’t the cover’s design to give too much away. Mystery breeds curiosity, so rest assured that your eBooks cover will not give away the entire story.

Let Us Help Form Your Ideas into a Money-Making Cover!

Your book’s cover is very, very important. Whether you are working with a ghost writer or relying on your own talent to create an eBook, fact is that you will be spending countless hours finalizing the smallest details of the text part of the eBook. Imagine, an awful book cover can make all that hard work go to waste!

Designing a book cover is a lot like building a house. There is absolutely nothing wrong with depending on reliable and creative sub-contractors. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help you create an eBook that is just as unique and exciting as you are. Call us at 1-855-333-4999 now.