How to Capture More Leads With a Downloadable EBook or Guide!

When it comes to content marketing, the biggest challenge is to find ways that differentiate your promotion strategy from the competition. Try introducing more diversity in the types of content your website offers. In addition to the good old blogs and web content, also look into how eBooks, infographics and videos can serve your corporate content strategy.

This holds especially true for downloadable content, such as whitepapers, case studies and of course, eBooks. These provide an outstanding opportunity to bring quality and depth to your content offerings. And to top it all off, these bigger content pieces can be used to perfectly compliment more regular, dynamic content like blog posts, news, reviews and even social media updates.


But there is something that differentiates eBooks from all types of content. It is a powerful marketing tool with the potential to help your brand reach more prospects, capture better leads and ultimately, make more money!

EBooks Offer Downloadable & Valuable Information!

The eBook writing process starts with careful and thoughtful planning before the actual creation and publishing happens. Chances are that you want your eBook to truly stand out from among the thousands of other similar products that are available for your niche. This aim can only be achieved by developing content that is different yet applicable to your industry and to your business.

Unique, customized eBooks and guides offer your visitors something helpful and useful to download and keep with them. These products are also great for positively showcasing your proficiency, your core competencies as well as to demonstrate past successes. A download can become a truly useful primary or secondary conversion on your website, just make sure it offer real value and practical information to the readers.

EBooks Help Build Trust and Establish Authority

It’s imperative for brands these days to build downloadable assets into their Content Plan. The good thing about eBooks is that your existing content can very easily be repurposed. It is also a good idea to draw on other internal resources and research skills to create a truly stellar eBook product.

However, if creating an in-house eBook writing set-up seems like too much of a hassle, you can always count on us. Professional help can ensure that your guide and eBooks are perfectly presented and fit the feel and look you need to represent your brand.

It is important that your eBook fit your corporate image from idea to content to finished looks.

… All This Ultimately Gets More Leads for Your Business

Combining high-quality content with content marketing technology lets businesses capture lead information when these eBooks are downloaded. Yes, it is totally possible to track the success of your eBooks using some amazing online tools. And many of our clients will gladly give testament to the fact that they have seen significant increase in interests, prospects and traffic to their website because of eBooks downloaded.

Think about it. When people download your eBooks, they carry it with them on reading devices, Smartphones and tablets all day. This not only create more exposure for your brand but also opens up many potential opportunities for them to exchange your eBook, the information held within or even your brand name. All of this of course depends on the quality of the eBook you are giving them.

EBook download statistics are also a great way to better understand exactly what your website visitors are looking for, allowing you to build better, more targeted marketing campaigns.

On top of it all, eBooks are just really easy to distribute. And if you have written them carefully, using engaging content and designed them attractively, then they will spread like wildfire. Just make the eBook free, add a Commons license and let them share. Don’t forget to add links to your landing page and a strong call to action to lead them there.

The Last Word

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