Amazing Sales through Amazon

Find the Perfect Solution for Your Formatting Needs

It didn’t take Amazon a lot of time to revolutionize the way books are sold. This huge marketplace, associated with eBooks and several other features, has unlimited offerings in stock. Since the day its first eBook was sold, the Amazon marketplace has turned into a universal ecommerce giant. According to Jeff Bezos, the CEO of, eBooks have become a multi-billion dollar category whose sales showed 70% increase in 2012.

Whether your eBook is a fitness guide, cookbook, fiction novel, or a technical guide, Amazon is one of the best places to market and sell it. However, it is important to get it written by someone who is well-versed in its formatting specifics because they have rather strict guidelines that can overwhelm those that lack experience.

If you are considering self-publishing your eBook on Amazon, then think again. You may not have the right tools or technical expertise to create an eBook for the Amazon Kindle platform. But don’t worry; we are here to help you out. We understand the nature and scope of your publication, have the perfect resources, and can help you create superb Kindle Books so that you can market them on Amazon and reap substantial rewards.

Amazon vs. Other Platforms

If you are an e-reader, then you would definitely know about Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple. Do you know which of these companies leads the e-publishing world? Though each retail store has its own services and offerings, none is able to compete with the Amazon marketplace. When compared to Barnes and Noble and Apple, Amazon offers a great variety of eBooks at the most reasonable prices.

Barnes and Nobel are quite famous in America, while Kobo is more popular in the UK. On the other hand, Amazon has become a global marketplace. Easy access, cheapest prices, huge range of books, and international papers and magazines; there are loads of features why the Amazon marketplace is so popular.

PDF, EPUB, or MOBI - Which Will Lead the Pack?

You can choose either the PDF or the EPUB format for your eBook. Though PDF (Portable Document Format) offers you extraordinary control over fonts and the overall design of your eBook, you’ll need a special reader, Acrobat, for such files. However, EPUB (Electronic Publication) provides you with greater comfort as it works with most software.