3D eBook Cover Design to Grab Attention

Always Judge a Book by its Cover!

There is an old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Couldn't have been more true for e Books. A cover illustrates what experience the reader can come to expect. Many people only read a synopsis when a cover catches their eye.


Attention-grabbing designs, bright colors, mind-boggling images, artistic illustrations, and clearly visible titles; there are loads of elements that create a beautiful eBook cover. The challenge of being able to SELL an eBook with a creative design is a different animal altogether.

Professional ghostwriting services, like ours, understand the consumer psyche. Together our designers and ghostwriters create the best ebook cocktail that gives you the maximum bang for buck.

Awe-Inspiring Cover Designs - Influence Your Readers in an Instant

Engaging covers take less than a few seconds to crave a customer towards buying and later reading. Impressive covers give personality to a book.

AIDA– Making Cash Register Ring

A professional cover has all the ingredients to sell itself. Covers can be beautiful yet still not sell. Our AIDA approach- Attract>Interest>Desire>Action ensures readers buying cycle and decision making process is influenced by the cover.

How Much is Too Much?

It is important to keep book size and purpose in perspective, when deciding on the budget. Overdoing is never appreciated but to underestimate the impact of a cover can cripple your book from taking its first steps in the marketplace.

Consult us to find out how our designers can bring your imagination to life.