Selling an E-Book?

Here Are The 5 Best Ways Ensure Higher Sales!

Some of our clients are already established e-Book writers, and often they come to us with the same, very pertinent question: “Why isn’t my eBook selling better?” They often feel disappointed, disillusioned and dissatisfied by the way their writing and marketing efforts are going to waste.


However, fact of the matter is that most books don’t sell well. And it’s because they are severely lacking in the quality and content department.

The good news here is that self-publishing of e-Books gives authors the benefit of time on their side. If something’s not working, tweak it and then try again. There is no magic bullet here, mind you. But a specialized eBook writing agency can help your e-Book evolve, and unlike the static print books of yesteryears, you won’t have to wait till the next print to see the impact of these changes on your e-Book.

So don’t give up just yet. Here are the top 5 ways to enhance eBook sales, as outlined by our sales specialists:

1. Get A Custom-Made, Eye-Catching Front Cover For Your EBook: Let Them Judge!

Books are routinely judged by their covers, so why shouldn’t yours? A good cover attracts the prospective reader to pick up a book and scroll through. Some excellent e-books fail to sell because of poorly designed front covers. If your e-book cover is exciting, it will interest more users and thus you can expect a higher number of orders placed.

At Ghost eBook Writers, we provide our clients free, exciting 3D covers for orders on eBook with 25 pages or above.

2. Be Generous With Previews and Free Trials: Use the Potential of Intrigue!

Let your readers experience the first few chapters of your book for free. You never know, it may just hook them and get them to revisit your book, with a credit card in possession this time!

A preview or a free trial reflects strongly on your confidence in your eBook. It also lets readers know of the usefulness of your eBook. And nicely finish of the freebie with an offer for the rest of the book at a discounted price and link to your e-Store.

Following are some ways to create a fast preview:

  • Take screenshots of important passages or quotes from your book and post them as an image on your website,
  • Use text from some engaging pages from your eBook in your website as html. This will boost SEO and sales while also coming handy as a good promotional tactic,
  • Use like CreateMagazines and Scribd to publish a quick preview.

3. Sell Your EBook Wherever You Get The Chance: Meet Your Readers Half Way!

Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon are the top stores for selling e-books. However, there are numerous smaller but stores, which are just as important as the big ones to boost the online sales of your e-book. They increase your eBook visibility thus boosting the chances to make more sales

Since eBooks are sold on the internet, it is also wise to create a sales page for your eBook and sell it independently. This page will provide your potential clients with all necessary information about your book. A website for your book and you as an author will also act as a place for them to gather and get in touch with you. But perhaps most importantly, any time you sell your eBook independently, you will get to keep all the profit.

4. Sell it in several file formats: Don’t Discriminate!

Don’t limit your potential audience to kindle readers only. Because then you will be robbing yourself off clients that use the iPad, Kobo eReader, Adobe Digital Editions, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Stanza and BookGlutton etc.

Instead, have your eBook ready and available for all formats, starting with MOBI, EPUB, FLIPBOOK, PDF and PDB. Different devices support different formats and hence the more format-friendly your eBook is, the more chances it will have of selling.

5. Keep the pricing right

Distribution and production costs of an eBook are comparatively lesser than printed books and therefore they should be priced accordingly. So, before pricing your eBook too high or too low, make sure that you conduct research to find out the prices for eBooks for your industry and then create a pricing plan that is perfect for you and your readers.

The last Word: Count on Us!

You need an amazing and high-value eBook that customers will be happy to pay for. At Ghost eBook Writers, we create quality driven eBooks for our clients according to their briefs and our expertise.