Understand and Create EBooks for Your Ideal Reader

All authors worth their name are always in search for ways to please their readers. This person gets the writing, understands it intrinsically, enjoys it immensely, leaves critique and then suggests the book to others like themselves. They won’t just buy the book and leave it on a shelf; the idea reader will indulge into it and come out appreciating the writer’s ideas and vision.

So who is this person?

It is important for writers and self-publishers to get to know their reader personally.


Here’s Why It Is Important To Understand Them!

Fact of the matter is that you aren’t just writing for them, you are also selling to them. And marketing in a niche that you don’t identify with is a recipe for loss!

Whether you are planning on publishing on your own website or via self-publishing portals such as Amazon & iBooks, one thing’s certain; marketing of the eBook is YOUR responsibility. Yes, as the author it is your job to make sure your eBook finds its audience and is available to people who are more likely to purchase it. And if you think that simply publishing the eBook to an indie platform will do the magic, it is time for a rude awakening. That is just the first step to selling an eBook. Next, it’s time to promote your eBook for maximum exposure.


To achieve any level of success as an eBook author, you must know the demographic who will read your eBook. Learn more about their reading habits, their book buying habits, where they read, how they read, and how much they are willing to spend on an eBook. All this information will help you better create and market an eBook that is more likely to be bought, read and liked. The closer you can get to them, and the more information you gather will also make it cheaper to market and advertise to them online.

If you believe that your eBook will appeal to everyone, because that’s just how well it’s written. No, it won’t. Some people will hate it more than others. It’ll pay to get to know the others. Write a book for people who are more likely to love it, and you're off to an awesome start.

Can You Describe Your Ideal Reader in Detail?

If your eBook products are written specifically for Generation Y, you should know that they are born between about 1980 and 2000. Your ideal reader may be aged between 20 and 30 years, have an in-depth knowledge of the pop culture and are mostly dependent on technology for of life’s functions. This is the generation that made everything from Kim K to the Harry Potter series famous. A good writer knows their reader and writes with them in mind.

Do you know your ideal reader in detail?

Are YOU Your Ideal Reader?

Authors of self-help eBooks, guides and cookbooks etc. often write for themselves. If you believe that you are indeed the ideal reader for your eBook, approach it from the "I-have-been-in-the-same-situation-as-you-and-here’s-what-helped-me" perspective. Make sure that your eBook takes your readers on a very personal journey, taking them from the very start of the problem, all the way through to the discovery of the solution.

Whether it’s an eBook on weight loss, eating right, personal finance, mortgage, dealing with a divorce, or buying a new home, it should give the reader an insight into the problems, concerns and opportunities, as truthfully and genuinely as possible. Be an authority, helping readers understand your subject. Write from an expert’s standpoint.

This is a great format for any kind of personal growth book – lose weight, eat right, become a better parent/spouse/ lover, and so on. It's not the best format for an expert presenting a solution to a problem. Using my own writing as an example again, I'm very much like my ideal reader with one major exception. I'm an expert in helping people understand investing. I write from the expert's point of view. Make sure you come across as a specialist, someone who’s been there and done that, and not a fellow traveler on a road to understanding your topic.

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