The (Relatively) Ancient Art of Content Marketing and EBook Writing!

Research shows that more than 50% of marketers have trouble producing plagiarism-free and engaging content. At the same 42% of online marketers simply can’t tell the effectiveness of the various forms of online content. (Source)

When done right, content marketing can open up a world of possibilities and give brands the opportunity to connect with their audience and create meaningful conversations. But despite all these advantages, many online businesses still haven’t been able to find their niche in content marketing. The only way to master this art is by experimenting with the different platforms, types and options available to them. Continue tweaking your content marketing strategy till you have found the right mix that successfully captures and retains the attention of your audience.


EBooks Fit In Nicely With Any Content Marketing Strategy!

Thanks to Google's new search algorithms, "thin" online content, like low-quality blog posts are out and that "fat" content is in vogue. This includes word count intensive content that can be broken up for use on various content channels i.e. infographics, white papers, videos and of course, eBooks!

EBooks are really fat though and the fact that a well-written eBook can be used to create smaller blog posts, quoted in tweets and shared on Facebook doesn’t hurt either. Also, eBooks sales are expected to grow to $8.69 billion by 2018, so if you are planning on selling the eBooks you write, that should boost your confidence as well!

However, eBooks also make for great gifts and giveaways for your prospects and existing buyers. Give them away in exchange for email addresses, shares or simply because you want to impress your readers with your prowess over a particular subject matter. EBooks are also a great way of imparting important, useful information and then keep them coming back to your blog for more on the subject matter.

And if you are hiring professional ghost eBook writing services like ours, you can count on getting an end product in a way that will appeal to your target audience.

But having said that, eBooks are expensive! Businesses are mostly concerned with justifying these high costs with a stellar ROI. Here are some reasons why eBooks are the perfect tool for enhancing your content marketing strategy:

EBooks Effortlessly Bring In Qualified Leads

EBooks can be read on-the-go thanks to the convenience offered by modern mobile devices. And you can always offer these for free along with recipes, coupons, free consultations and a lot more. Just make sure that the clicks lead them to your website, measure the number of leads coming in and tweak your offerings accordingly.

EBooks are effective as a marketing ploy because they simply don’t feel like a tactic at all. Use this medium to entertain and offer your company's capabilities to the target audience. You can take your blogging series and publish them in an eBook form; you can use customer testimonials and turn them into full-fledged case studies, or have it written by an industry expert showing how customer's issues were solved using your products and services. There really is no end to what you can put in an eBook.

EBooks can’t possibly be a hard sell tactic simply because of the sheer volume of information that goes into creating even a simple 15 page eBook. These are great for ensuring that customers don’t run away when you bombard them with industry specific info, and the writer can completely control the tone and voice of the text to make sure that it appeals to the reader.

EBooks Help Build Brands!

Set yourself up as a published author and your credibility will shoot through the roof. This can help your audience take you and your offerings more seriously by making you stand out as an expert and specialist in your field. As long as your eBook has been well written, with intent to intrinsically connect with your brand, it will do wonders.

EBooks Offer Your Prospects What They Want The Most!

As long as you stick a topic you know a lot about, eBook writing should be easy. Of course outsourcing the entire eBook creation process to a ghostwriter also mandates that you have an in-depth understand of the subject matter. After all, the book will represent you and any mistakes therein will be a reflection of your prowess.

Make sure your eBook informs, educates and if possible, entertains the audience. Creatively use content and design to gain their trust and keep them coming to your website now and in the future.

Would you like a custom written and design eBook for your business? As a ghost writing services provider we go the full mile to create expressive, accurate and engaging eBooks with appropriate images and an attractive cover page. Give us a call now at 1-855-333-4999 to learn more.